Will you be ready when the challenge presents itself? I can show you how with the Say It Just Right™ Model of Communication.

  • Your boss informs you that your most valuable employee cannot take his vacation when planned. How do you tell him?
  • The V.P. of Development has an opportunity for you – Can you deliver the sales presentation to a major client group in your territory?
  • You arrive to conduct a training session but discover you have the wrong PowerPoint presentation. Can you wing it with no visuals?
  • You’ve been asked to interview candidates for the IT position, but you know little about technology. How will you prepare for the interviews?
  • The Rotary Club asks you to speak at their luncheon next month, attended by industry leaders. How will you face this challenge?

Stop losing sleep worrying about looking foolish in front of others, missing opportunities, or using the wrong words that might offend someone.

Don’t struggle with communication challenges any longer!

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You can learn to say it just right, whether speaking to one person or one hundred, when giving good news or bad. YOU can master the skills to communicate with confidence – and I can show you how.

Hi, I’m Joan Curtis, founder of Total Communications Coaching, and I’ve helped thousands of smart, capable professionals just like you to move ahead in their careers by learning to Say It Just Right

Regardless of your background or experience, with a little help you can always Say It Just Right™. This can mean:

  • More Promotions – never again stumble through a presentation that can bring you visibility and recognition.
  • Stronger Teams - think of the many hiring decisions in your company that have failed. The time and money put into training people who leave the company is money that walks out the door. Learn to attract and identify the best candidates to build your team or division.
  • Employee Retention - Improved communication enhances employee satisfaction. You can create a more desirable work environment for yourself and others by using my simple methods perfected through years of experience teaching human relations skills in the work place.

https://coinrate.com/cryptocurrencies/nft-art-finance/ Don’t take my word for it - start with my free mini e-course "10 Tips to Say It Just Right™!" and experience a noticeable difference just by changing a few habits you may not even know you have developed. As a bonus, you’ll receive "Focused Listening - The Secret to Developing Rapport." This handy reference guide will help you connect better with others, diffuse tense situations, and win people over to your point of view.

I invite you to also learn more about my Services for Organizations, One-on-One Coaching, Virtual Coaching Groups and informative Teleclasses to help you communicate with confidence, and learn how to say it – just right!


Joan Curtis

Your Total Communications Coach

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